A Little Bit About Me


I’m Gwendolyn, I am 56 yrs, married for 35yrs, live in the great city of Houston Tx.

Member of Greater St. Mathew Church for 17yrs, in Houston Tx, under the spiritual guidance of Dr. Gusta Booker

I like to describe myself as a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother (maw maw) and friend. 

I am most passionate about been able to provide positive, spiritual support to others,

I know it’s my calling to guide others spiritually.

Although, like others I have always found a reason to say I haven’t found where I can be most effective, I’m waiting for God to show me where he wants me to work.

Nevertheless, I know God has already provided me with what I need to succeed in my calling.

I am also aware any time God moves in your life you must also give an effort.

So, here’s my effort, I’m starting by talking to you.

I believe everyone should have a spiritual sounding board, even while they’re a spiritual sounding board for others.

So, I joined an awesome bible study group (Faithful Love-LGG, directed by KJ Johnson,https://www.facebook.com/kjjohnsonspirit/) to enhance my spiritual growth.

This study group challenges  me:

  • To be dedicated to others and myself
  • To continually pray
  • To be accountable for sharing God’s word with others
  •  To remember the most important aspect of our life is the intimate relationship we have with God

A little more about me

 What you should know about me

  • I am approachable,
  •  I’m most comfortable alone in my quite place, which sometimes cause others to view me as standoffish.
  • Standoffish, no, I love interacting with other, nevertheless I am also just as comfortable been alone.

Three words to describe myself:

  • Self-motivated,
  • Fair,
  • Structure (I always set rules for myself)

What I am most thankful for

  • my husband,
  • kids,
  • grandkids,
  • and most of all, I am a child of God!

How I became a Christian blogger

So let me tell you how I became a Christian blogger.

God put on my heart to inundate others with His word,

I struggled several years trying to find the best way to communicate clearly while discussing topics that are of interest.

I automatically viewed family and friends as my immediate target audience,

which wasn’t as  successful as I planned.

So, back on my knees in prayer asking God for guidance and understanding.

Believe me when I say this was a long process, Facebook bible study groups, Facebook fan pages, all unsuccessful. 

Are you wondering why?

Well let me tell you why,

it’s because I chose what I taught was the easier path, before I was able to allow God to work through me.

What a journey this has been

Wow, what a journey!!!

It has been a long journey!!!

So here I am with a new understanding, a fresh spirit, and a better prospective on my goals.

Moreover, after continued prayer and numerous tutorials , I have concluded that the most efficient way to reach my target audience (You) is through blogging. 

It was a challenge, but I succeeded!!!

I established/created Living By Faith blog just for you.

Living by faith

My purpose for Living by faith is to a create a place where we discuss life-changing issues, seek spiritual council while focusing on developing an intimate relationship with God.

I pray through your experience with Living By Faith (LBF) you are able to have a clear understanding of God’s plan for you, moreover that my goals are parallel with Gods  plan for us.

Now for my goals

My number one blogging goal for Living By Faith is to focus on content you are most interested in.

Content that will enhance your spiritual growth, while facilitating your studying experience.

I have so many things to talk to you about. Nevertheless, my focus is what’s important to you and what I have to offer

Now let me tell you what I have to offer

So let’s discuss what I have to offer.

I’m new to blogging, I haven’t written many blog post, as a matter of fact, this is my first post- my about me page.

Nevertheless, that’s not an issue.

You need to know what you can expect form me.

What do I have to offer

Well, let’s see

  • I promise to to always give you my best ,
  • To always be true to my desire to talk to you.
  • To research all topics, and discuss them with an open mind, to ensure your spiritual needs are met.
  • I will always respond to your request,
  • I will only sell quality product directly from me or through affiliate links
  • And hey if you need to talk about something you think is not in my niche, well guess what, you are my niche ,so don’t be shy,share.

Finally, my question is do you have something on your mind? Please share your thoughts and concerns, on any topics or issues. I’m anticipating our all our conversations. So let’s talk, you deserve to be heard!!!    

Talk too you later