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Anointed, Servant, Worshiper Bible study group (ASW) website focus on providing resource pertaining to your spiritual growth and providing useful materials to facilitate your studying experience. 

As well as suggest quality product we consider to be useful for our members, through affiliate links. The use of these affiliate link produce revenue.

ASW Bible Study Group, use affiliate links to receive financial rewards for the products mentioned or promoted on our website, which may be embedded within blog post in the form of a linked text, sidebar space on the left or right of the page, and through social media. 

Which means ASW Bible Study Grouo will receive a small financial reward for clicks on links and/or any purchases made after the click through the link while focusing on the quality of the product.

ASW Bible Study Group promotes products that we feel are of value, although it’s entirely your decision to purchase any product after clicking on the link. 

ASW Bible Study Group intends to suggest products and services that our members will be interested in and may be beneficial in enhancing their study experience. While your cost will not be increased by using our affiliate links.

No Extra Cost To You

Please find comfort in knowing that if you click on a link, know you will receive no extra cost to your final price/cost. Your final cost is the same if you purchase your product through ASW Bible Study Group link, or directly from the company’s site selling the product. 

Finally please feel free to contact ASW with any questions.

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If you are interested in discussing a specific area to assist with the enhancement of spiritual growth, please feel free to contact Gwendolyn/ASW Bible Study Group, via email  and leave a comment with your discussion topic.

Last Edited on November 8, 2020