Are you Looking For A Bible Study Group To Show You How To Study Scripture

ASW Bible Study Group
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ASW Bible Study Group

Are you Looking For A Bible Study Group To Show You How To Study Scripture

If you are looking to join a study group, that focuses on studying, evaluating, and applying scripture. Check out ASW bible study group, where Studying Scripture is made Simple, through clarifying scripture.

Especially if you are like me, and joined several bible study groups, only to not gain the resource needed to study and evaluate scripture properly.

… I’m not sure about your outcome, but this process wasn’t a success story for me.

Nevertheless, I sought to find a bible study group who’s focused on studying scripture with a platform that suited how I studied and obtained knowledge,

… Although, I always felt slighted. Just reading and guessing at what I interpret and how to apply what I thought I learned wasn’t enough for me, actually it caused me to ineffectively study scripture, a mere waste of time.

Why, because I was a part of a bible study group with awesome members who provide daily a list of focus scripture to that was useful to someone else, but possessed no usefulness for me,

Since I know how frustrating it is to have a tool that provides excellent guidance to others and is a hindrance to me, I want to save you from this awful experience.

… So, you’re wondering what’s my plan.

Well, let me share

Starting with you I am starting a small Bible study group, whose main focus is studying scripture from different properties.

What you can expect from this Bible Study Group:

  • Awesome Members.
  • An Administrator that engages with the group.
  • Group members who engage with one another throughout the platform.
  • A platform with a different methods for studying scripture.
  • Access to purchase Living By Faith biblical product at a discounted price.
  • Guidance on how to use resources need to study and evaluate scripture.

ASW platform

Bible Study Is Pertinent to your Spiritual Growth

It would be with great joy, to have the opportunity to welcome you to ASW bible study group.

So, if you’re looking for a bible study group, where the main goal is providing guidance for spiritual growth, then please join our community.

And if you’re still not certain ASW is the community for you, take the time and explore this site where ASW community is outline with complete transparency

Spiritual Goals

Setting goals are an essential part of mapping out your goals and establishing a visual of your desired goals and provide a place to view, reflect, and determine if you accomplished your goal/goals.

Writing out your spiritual goals will also provide you a visual of your growth and allow you to focus on areas for continuous growth.


Sharing Devotional or inspirational quotes with the group, will provide spiritual comfort, be uplifting for those who are struggling with life challenges, and guidance for those seeking support for spending time reflecting daily, which inspire others to growth spiritually.

ASW Discussion


Start conversations concerning any topic, situation, or issue. …Allow your reply to spur biblical understanding and spiritual development.

Strive to develop an intimate relationship with God through spending time with Him through His word.

However, If you rather not be a part of a bible study group and prefer studying alone, then check out Living By Faith Store, we have some awesome bible resources.

Finally, my goal is to create products that enhance your study experience.

Call To Action

… Consequently, I can’t accomplish this awesome goal without you.

So I’m asking for your feedback on resources you need me to create that will better accommodate your learning style,

As well as suggestion on improving LBF products you are currently using.

Let me know what you liked and disliked, so I may improve Living By Faith (LBF) products.

Please send your feedback to
I hope I have provided you with a clear path to begin or enhance your studying experience. Please let me know how I can better assist you.

Ok, that’s all for now, talk to you later.

ASW Bible Study Group

A Little About Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn Image for Blog

Hi!!! I’m Gwendolyn founder and CEO of Living By Faith products, where I create biblical resources to enhance learning.

My main goal is my success of supplying resources needed to develop your knowledge and facilitate your studying experience.

…I’m so excited to have this special opportunity to provide biblical resources to you. I find true joy in creating biblical resources that enhance your learning experience. 

…I pray I’m successful at providing you with the tools you are seeking during your journey of studying God’s word. I look forward to developing a special relationship with you. And truly pray LBF resources are beneficial for you.

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