5 Simple Steps for Creating Spiritual Goal

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Have you wondered why you need spiritual goals or how do you create them?

Early in my spiritual journey I never contemplated the need for spiritual goals.

Contrary, to that belief, spiritual goals are pertinent to the success of developing spiritually

So, I want to share 5 simple steps to assist you when developing your spiritual goals.

5 Steps to developing spiritual goals

The main focus when developing goals is to make sure they are SMART goals

Step 1: Specific
Step 2: Measurable
Step 3: Achievable
Step 4: Reasonably
Step 5: Time

Now that we know what a goal should look like, let’s create one goal to get you started.

Example of spiritual goals

When you begin to create your spiritual goals you should stop and look at the area in your life that needs to be developed for example studying scripture and praying.

…I’m choosing prayer as a spiritual goal because it is a significant part of building a relationship with God by dedicating time.

Let’s turn prayer into a SMART spiritual goal
A- SMART goal is a tool used to ensure your goals are beneficial and will produce the outcome you are expecting.
S- Specific: well defined, with a clear objective.
M- Measurable: able to measure from start to end,
A- Attainable: achievable a goal you are capable of accomplishing
R- Realistic and Relevant: should be reasonable and pertain to an expected outcome.
T- Timely: should have a start and end date.

Example Goal

Spiritual Goal: Prayer

S: Develop my prayer life, so that my prayers focus on the needs of others as well as any area in my life in need of spiritual growth or guidance.

M: Start- As of today I only pray when I am scared or realize I haven’t prayed in a while.
End- Develop a routine of praying daily, focusing on the needs of others as well as praying for specific needs in my life.

A: This prayer goal is attainable, I only need to set aside a specific time which I will stop and dedicate to prayer time.

R: This is a reasonable goal, I am only dedicating 15 minutes out of my day. I have chosen a time that I know will always be available no matter how hectic my schedule. My desired outcome- I expect to go from not praying often to praying at least 5 days a week.

T: I plan to begin my journey of dedicated prayer time today Friday, Mar 26, 2021

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Now you know how to create SMART goals, don’t tarry download my free spiritual goal guide, and began creating your goals

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